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Botânica and Libélula Collection

Flowers are the inspiring muses for this creation, they are shapes and colors that radiate more than just fragrances; they also carry symbolisms and personalities that manage to resonate with diverse women in various ways.

Dragonfly, inviting you to an immersion in nature in all its splendor and beauty. For references, we bring dragonflies to the forefront, majestic creatures that symbolize freedom, prosperity, and transformation. With their multicolored and lightweight wings that allow them to hover over the waters of lakes and rivers amidst aquatic plants and flowers, this lightness serves as the inspiration for the creation of adornments that seem to, at times, float, and at times, land on those who wear them.

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Product type
Lírio da Paz P EarringLírio da Paz P Earring
Lírio da Paz P Earring Sale price$72.22
Lírio da Paz G EarringLírio da Paz G Earring
Lírio da Paz G Earring Sale price$129.75
Orvalho EarringOrvalho Earring
Orvalho Earring Sale price$92.25
Lírio da Paz ChokerLírio da Paz Choker
Lírio da Paz Choker Sale price$219.75
Renovação NecklaceRenovação Necklace
Renovação Necklace Sale price$72.22
Protea NecklaceProtea Necklace
Protea Necklace Sale price$149.72
Lírio da Paz RingLírio da Paz Ring
Lírio da Paz Ring Sale price$79.75
Lírio da Paz NecklaceLírio da Paz Necklace
Lírio da Paz Necklace Sale price$74.75
Lírio da Paz BeltLírio da Paz Belt
Lírio da Paz Belt Sale price$499.75
Liberdade NecklacesLiberdade Necklaces
Liberdade Necklaces Sale price$107.25
Helicônia P EarringHelicônia P Earring
Helicônia P Earring Sale price$84.72
Helicônia NecklaceHelicônia Necklace
Helicônia Necklace Sale price$187.22
Antúrio EarringAntúrio Earring
Antúrio Earring Sale price$227.22
Protea EarringProtea Earring
Protea Earring Sale price$149.72
Prosperidade EarringProsperidade Earring
Prosperidade Earring Sale price$114.75
Lótus BraceletLótus Bracelet
Lótus Bracelet Sale price$214.72
Lago BraceletLago Bracelet
Lago Bracelet Sale price$174.75
Antúrio ScarfAntúrio Scarf
Antúrio Scarf Sale price$177.22
Antúrio RingAntúrio Ring
Antúrio Ring Sale price$152.25