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Ânima Collection

The Ânima Collection is an expression of our feeling of freedom and pursuit of independence. We have combined our ideas and passions to create a collection that conveys the sensations of freedom, empowerment, and sophistication. By incorporating the Eagle as the main symbol and using chains, we aim to represent freedom from various perspectives.

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Product type
Edith EarcuffEdith Earcuff
Edith Earcuff Sale price$114.35
Vivian NecklaceVivian Necklace
Vivian Necklace Sale price$137.27
Vivian EarringVivian Earring
Vivian Earring Sale price$137.27
Alice PiercingAlice Piercing
Alice Piercing Sale price$54.77
Alana EarringAlana Earring
Alana Earring Sale price$121.22
Reneé RingReneé Ring
Reneé Ring Sale price$79.97
Maitê RingMaitê Ring
Maitê Ring Sale price$57.07
Maitê Hoops EarringMaitê Hoops Earring
Maitê Hoops Earring Sale price$137.27
Extensora CurrentExtensora Current
Extensora Current Sale price$11.22
Cassia NecklaceCassia Necklace
Cassia Necklace Sale price$160.20
Aria RingAria Ring
Aria Ring Sale price$137.27
Aria EarringAria Earring
Aria Earring Sale price$206.00
Aria BraceletAria Bracelet
Aria Bracelet Sale price$522.27
Alana RingAlana Ring
Alana Ring Sale price$70.82
Sold outAurora NecklaceAurora Necklace
Aurora Necklace Sale price$229.00
Reneé EarringReneé Earring
Reneé Earring Sale price$114.35
Alice EarhookAlice Earhook
Alice Earhook Sale price$66.22