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Hear the sound of uniqueness that only Anna Prata can give you. Look forward the most delicate jewelry your ears will ever be in touch with.
Check out the best of Golden, Silver and Natural Stones Earrings.

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Product type
Onda Hoop MOnda Hoop M
Onda Hoop M Sale price$119.75
Orquidea PP EarringOrquidea PP Earring
Orquidea PP Earring Sale price$57.22
Olho Grego EarringOlho Grego Earring
Olho Grego Earring Sale price$92.25
Enamorado Earring PEnamorado Earring P
Enamorado Earring P Sale price$74.75
Orquidea EarringOrquidea Earring
Orquidea Earring Sale price$102.25
Lara EarringLara Earring
Lara Earring Sale price$61.65
Onda Hoop POnda Hoop P
Onda Hoop P Sale price$87.90
Edith EarcuffEdith Earcuff
Edith Earcuff Sale price$114.35
Laço P EarringLaço P Earring
Laço P Earring Sale price$74.75
2 Elos Cacto Earring2 Elos Cacto Earring
2 Elos Cacto Earring Sale price$74.75
Ventania EarringVentania Earring
Ventania Earring Sale price$274.75
Laguna EarringLaguna Earring
Laguna Earring Sale price$149.72
Vivian EarringVivian Earring
Vivian Earring Sale price$137.27
Herança Heart Set GoldenHerança Heart Set Golden
Herança Heart Set Golden Sale price$297.50
Alice PiercingAlice Piercing
Alice Piercing Sale price$54.77
Alana EarringAlana Earring
Alana Earring Sale price$121.22
Lírio da Paz P EarringLírio da Paz P Earring
Lírio da Paz P Earring Sale price$72.22
Pássaro P EarringPássaro P Earring
Pássaro P Earring Sale price$37.25
Elefante EarringElefante Earring
Elefante Earring Sale price$189.75
Orvalho EarringOrvalho Earring
Orvalho Earring Sale price$92.25
Ciclone EarringCiclone Earring
Ciclone Earring Sale price$124.75
Lírio da Paz G EarringLírio da Paz G Earring
Lírio da Paz G Earring Sale price$129.75
Piercing MaresiaPiercing Maresia
Piercing Maresia Sale price$59.00
Fluir EarringFluir Earring
Fluir Earring Sale price$97.25
Piercing AgrestePiercing Agreste
Piercing Agreste Sale price$84.72
Inove EarringInove Earring
Inove Earring Sale price$59.75
Lume EarringLume Earring
Lume Earring Sale price$72.25
Clarice EarringClarice Earring
Clarice Earring Sale price$217.47
Serena EarringSerena Earring
Serena Earring Sale price$109.77
Olho grego HoopOlho grego Hoop
Olho grego Hoop Sale price$174.75
Maitê Hoops EarringMaitê Hoops Earring
Maitê Hoops Earring Sale price$137.27
Laço EarringLaço Earring
Laço Earring Sale price$30.00
Herança Heart Set SilverHerança Heart Set Silver
Herança Heart Set Silver Sale price$297.50
Alice EarhookAlice Earhook
Alice Earhook Sale price$66.22
Reneé EarringReneé Earring
Reneé Earring Sale price$114.35
Enamorado EarringEnamorado Earring
Enamorado Earring Sale price$194.75
Laço M EarringLaço M Earring
Laço M Earring Sale price$154.75
Cacto EarringCacto Earring
Cacto Earring Sale price$114.75
Cordão de Orelha Ear CuffCordão de Orelha Ear Cuff
Ear Cuff Arco IrisEar Cuff Arco Iris
Ear Cuff Arco Iris Sale price$114.72
Vulcão EarringVulcão Earring
Vulcão Earring Sale price$124.75
Sonhos EarringSonhos Earring
Sonhos Earring Sale price$124.75
Magma EarringMagma Earring
Magma Earring Sale price$114.75
Brisa EarringBrisa Earring
Brisa Earring Sale price$149.72
Brinco AtitudeBrinco Atitude
Brinco Atitude Sale price$64.75
Alento EarringAlento Earring
Alento Earring Sale price$124.75
Protea EarringProtea Earring
Protea Earring Sale price$149.72
Helicônia P EarringHelicônia P Earring
Helicônia P Earring Sale price$84.72