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Your wrist deserves the best, thinking about it Anna Prata presents the prettiest bracelets you’ve ever seen. A full collection of jewelry made specially for your wrist that comes in all shapes, materials and colors.

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Product type
Olho grego BraceletOlho grego Bracelet
Olho grego Bracelet Sale price$124.75
Orquidinha BraceletOrquidinha Bracelet
Orquidinha Bracelet Sale price$74.75
Orquídea BraceletOrquídea Bracelet
Orquídea Bracelet Sale price$157.30
Peace BraceletPeace Bracelet
Peace Bracelet Sale price$75.04
Sucess BraceletSucess Bracelet
Sucess Bracelet Sale price$75.04
Happiness BraceletHappiness Bracelet
Happiness Bracelet Sale price$75.04
Emma BraceletEmma Bracelet
Emma Bracelet Sale price$297.68
Awa RingAwa Ring
Awa Ring Sale price$59.35
Awa BraceletAwa Bracelet
Awa Bracelet Sale price$146.44
Serena BraceletSerena Bracelet
Serena Bracelet Sale price$242.70
Pulseira de Mão RochedoPulseira de Mão Rochedo
Pulseira de Mão Rochedo Sale price$77.22
Caminho BraceletCaminho Bracelet
Caminho Bracelet Sale price$124.75
Aria BraceletAria Bracelet
Aria Bracelet Sale price$522.27
Enamorado BraceletEnamorado Bracelet
Enamorado Bracelet Sale price$142.25
Save 25%Laço BraceletLaço Bracelet
Laço Bracelet Sale price$241.68 Regular price$322.25
Elefante BraceletElefante Bracelet
Elefante Bracelet Sale price$449.75
Save 50%Bondinho BraceletBondinho Bracelet
Bondinho Bracelet Sale price$80.00 Regular price$159.72
Caminho Resinado BraceletCaminho Resinado Bracelet
Caminho Resinado Bracelet Sale price$149.72
Lótus BraceletLótus Bracelet
Lótus Bracelet Sale price$214.72
Lago BraceletLago Bracelet
Lago Bracelet Sale price$174.75