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Fluir Collection

We need earth to feel safe, to fix ourselves in the ground, we need water to develop life, air to breathe and to fly through the sky, and fire to make life warmer.
The 4 elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire became a very wonderful mix of jewelry to extend your beauty.

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Product type
Alento EarringAlento Earring
Alento Earring Sale price$124.75
Alento NecklaceAlento Necklace
Alento Necklace Sale price$549.75
Brisa EarringBrisa Earring
Brisa Earring Sale price$149.72
Brisa RingBrisa Ring
Brisa Ring Sale price$99.75
Chamas RingChamas Ring
Chamas Ring Sale price$62.25
Ciclone EarringCiclone Earring
Ciclone Earring Sale price$124.75
Ciclone G NecklaceCiclone G Necklace
Ciclone G Necklace Sale price$119.75
Ciclone P NecklaceCiclone P Necklace
Ciclone P Necklace Sale price$99.75
Fluir EarringFluir Earring
Fluir Earring Sale price$97.25
Save 25%Garimpo EarringGarimpo Earring
Garimpo Earring Sale price$69.18 Regular price$92.25
Save 25%Garimpo RingGarimpo Ring
Garimpo Ring Sale price$52.31 Regular price$69.75
Save 25%Laguna EarringLaguna Earring
Laguna Earring Sale price$112.29 Regular price$149.72
Lume ChokerLume Choker
Lume Choker Sale price$147.22
Magma EarringMagma Earring
Magma Earring Sale price$114.75
Nascente NecklaceNascente Necklace
Nascente Necklace Sale price$114.75
Orbe BraceletOrbe Bracelet
Orbe Bracelet Sale price$349.75
Orbe EarringOrbe Earring
Orbe Earring Sale price$174.75
Orbe RingOrbe Ring
Orbe Ring Sale price$49.75
Piercing AgrestePiercing Agreste
Piercing Agreste Sale price$84.72
Piercing MaresiaPiercing Maresia
Piercing Maresia Sale price$59.00
Pulseira de Mão RochedoPulseira de Mão Rochedo
Pulseira de Mão Rochedo Sale price$77.22
Raio BeltRaio Belt
Raio Belt Sale price$157.25
Rochedo NecklaceRochedo Necklace
Rochedo Necklace Sale price$224.75
Save 25%Trilha NecklaceTrilha Necklace
Trilha Necklace Sale priceFrom $56.06 Regular price$74.75
Ventania EarringVentania Earring
Ventania Earring Sale price$274.75
Ventania Ring
Ventania Ring Sale price$109.75
Sold outVitória EarringVitória Earring
Vitória Earring Sale price$130.37
Sold outVitória NecklaceVitória Necklace
Vitória Necklace Sale price$375.00
Vulcão EarringVulcão Earring
Vulcão Earring Sale price$124.75
Vulcão RingVulcão Ring
Vulcão Ring Sale price$149.72