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Article: Accessory trends for 2023.

Accessory trends for 2023.

Accessory trends for 2023.

The 2023 accessory trends are already successful amongst the prominent fashionistas and at the most modern points of sale.

More and more in evidence, accessories have won the heart of all styles and are true complements to looks. In addition to the clothes, it is necessary to add some elements, so the ensemble is modern, especially if combined with the trending pieces of the moment.

Some trends in 2023 that cannot be missing from your mix of products:


Hoop earrings are true classic accessories but depending on their size. This season, fashionistas are preferring thicker models with a more elegant look. Double or triple gold hoops are also very successful and are a great option to wear with work looks, in addition to combining perfectly with tailored looks.


Since last year, chokers have been making a comeback and this season it has become even more evident. The most elegant chokers are in golden or silver tones, being a piece to highlight production. Choose accessories that are a little thicker and that make sense in the combination with your look. On hot days the looks are even more amazing.

Color mix

The mix of accessories is accompanied by a mixture of colors, the trend now is to mix silver and gold. The more differentiated and daring the mix of accessories, the better it will be for your look.

The important thing in all these trends is to have accessories that have an intricate design and excellent quality, metal without stone is on the rise and pieces with stones, despite being noble, are less valued because they limit the combination.

Bet on timeless collections and mix your accessories to create your unique look.

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