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The best jewelry can be in your neck. Meet the necklaces of Anna Prata. Handmade Accessories with a brazilian touch that can give you the exclusiveness and beauty inherent to our brand.

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Product type
Olho Grego P NecklaceOlho Grego P Necklace
Olho Grego P Necklace Sale priceFrom $92.50
Orquídea PP ChokerOrquídea PP Choker
Orquídea PP Choker Sale price$77.22
Olho Grego M NecklaceOlho Grego M Necklace
Olho Grego M Necklace Sale price$119.75
Existência NecklaceExistência Necklace
Existência Necklace Sale price$89.75
Enamorado NecklaceEnamorado Necklace
Enamorado Necklace Sale price$134.75
Elefante PendingElefante Pending
Elefante Pending Sale price$97.25
Lisa ChokerLisa Choker
Lisa Choker Sale price$97.25
Lume ChokerLume Choker
Lume Choker Sale price$147.22
Clarice NecklaceClarice Necklace
Clarice Necklace Sale price$176.22
Vivian NecklaceVivian Necklace
Vivian Necklace Sale price$137.27
Lume Cord NecklaceLume Cord Necklace
Lume Cord Necklace Sale price$64.75
Herança Heart Set GoldenHerança Heart Set Golden
Herança Heart Set Golden Sale price$297.50
Emanuel NecklaceEmanuel Necklace
Emanuel Necklace Sale price$87.25
Materno RelicaryMaterno Relicary
Materno Relicary Sale price$149.75
Pássaro P NecklacePássaro P Necklace
Pássaro P Necklace Sale price$77.25
Olho grego ChokerOlho grego Choker
Olho grego Choker Sale price$212.25
Coragem NecklaceCoragem Necklace
Coragem Necklace Sale price$97.22
Crença NecklaceCrença Necklace
Crença Necklace Sale price$64.75
Elefante M necklaceElefante M necklace
Elefante M necklace Sale price$274.75
Nascente NecklaceNascente Necklace
Nascente Necklace Sale price$114.75
Sold outVitória NecklaceVitória Necklace
Vitória Necklace Sale price$375.00
Herança Heart Set SilverHerança Heart Set Silver
Herança Heart Set Silver Sale price$297.50
Extensora CurrentExtensora Current
Extensora Current Sale price$11.22
Cassia NecklaceCassia Necklace
Cassia Necklace Sale price$160.20
Antúrio ScarfAntúrio Scarf
Antúrio Scarf Sale price$177.22
Sold outAurora NecklaceAurora Necklace
Aurora Necklace Sale price$229.00
Afeto RelicaryAfeto Relicary
Afeto Relicary Sale price$149.75
Salmos 16:1 NecklaceSalmos 16:1 Necklace
Salmos 16:1 Necklace Sale price$124.75
Laço G ChokerLaço G Choker
Laço G Choker Sale price$264.75
Elefante P NecklaceElefante P Necklace
Elefante P Necklace Sale price$199.75
Pillow M ChokerPillow M Choker
Pillow M Choker Sale price$174.75
Pillow G ChokerPillow G Choker
Pillow G Choker Sale price$394.75
Sold outObra ChokerObra Choker
Obra Choker Sale price$249.72
Orquídea ChokerOrquídea Choker
Orquídea Choker Sale price$144.75
Laço P ChokerLaço P Choker
Laço P Choker Sale price$87.25
Bendita NecklaceBendita Necklace
Bendita Necklace Sale price$59.75
Vulcão NecklaceVulcão Necklace
Vulcão Necklace Sale price$129.75
Trilha NecklaceTrilha Necklace
Trilha Necklace Sale price$74.75
Pássaros M NecklacePássaros M Necklace
Pássaros M Necklace Sale price$84.75
Orquídea Necklaces - currentOrquídea Necklaces - current
Ciclone P NecklaceCiclone P Necklace
Ciclone P Necklace Sale price$99.75
Ciclone G NecklaceCiclone G Necklace
Ciclone G Necklace Sale price$119.75
Alento NecklaceAlento Necklace
Alento Necklace Sale price$549.75
Rochedo NecklaceRochedo Necklace
Rochedo Necklace Sale price$224.75
Renovação NecklaceRenovação Necklace
Renovação Necklace Sale price$72.22
Protea NecklaceProtea Necklace
Protea Necklace Sale price$149.72
Lírio da Paz NecklaceLírio da Paz Necklace
Lírio da Paz Necklace Sale price$74.75
Liberdade NecklacesLiberdade Necklaces
Liberdade Necklaces Sale price$107.25