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Drop Elos

As a continuation of the Ânima Collection, the Drop Elo Capsule is translated through the breaking of bonds as a newfound freedom, taking hold of the Elos and redefining them as powerful symbols of this liberation and authenticity.

The Links bring a wealth of shapes, colors and perspectives that were latent, directly impacting the style of the lively woman, allowing each one to discover and strengthen their true self, allowing them to fly and become protagonists of their own stories.

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Product type
Serena RingSerena Ring
Serena Ring Sale price$66.22
Serena ChokerSerena Choker
Serena Choker Sale price$274.77
Lara EarringLara Earring
Lara Earring Sale price$61.65
Serena BodychainSerena Bodychain
Serena Bodychain Sale price$180.82
Clarice NecklaceClarice Necklace
Clarice Necklace Sale price$176.22
Serena EarringSerena Earring
Serena Earring Sale price$109.77
Serena BraceletSerena Bracelet
Serena Bracelet Sale price$242.70
Clarice EarringClarice Earring
Clarice Earring Sale price$217.47
Clarice RingClarice Ring
Clarice Ring Sale price$66.22