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Colecionadora Collection

"The collection materializes through an old desire. The will to recycle the first works of the brand, bringing freedom to the creation process, we went interpreting it, without completely mischaracterizing the original works." Anna Prata, creative director and CEo of Anna Prata Group

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Product type
Olho Grego P NecklaceOlho Grego P Necklace
Olho Grego P Necklace Sale priceFrom $92.50
Olho Grego M NecklaceOlho Grego M Necklace
Olho Grego M Necklace Sale price$119.75
Olho Grego EarringOlho Grego Earring
Olho Grego Earring Sale price$92.25
Olho grego BraceletOlho grego Bracelet
Olho grego Bracelet Sale price$124.75
Olho grego ringOlho grego ring
Olho grego ring Sale price$122.25
Elefante PendingElefante Pending
Elefante Pending Sale price$97.25
Olho grego ChokerOlho grego Choker
Olho grego Choker Sale price$212.25
Elefante M NecklaceElefante M Necklace
Elefante M Necklace Sale price$274.75
Elefante EarringElefante Earring
Elefante Earring Sale price$189.75
Elefante BraceletElefante Bracelet
Elefante Bracelet Sale price$449.75
Elefante P NecklaceElefante P Necklace
Elefante P Necklace Sale price$199.75
Olho grego HoopOlho grego Hoop
Olho grego Hoop Sale price$174.75